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  • It is essential to supply effective levels of rumen degradable protein

Regulated Release

Proven technology supplies the ideal balance of high sugar fermentable energy combined with rumen degradable protein to maximise rumen function and livestock performance.

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About our dairy products

  • Sugar is now recognised as a key nutrient in its own right
  • 6-Carbon sugars are the most effective
  • Molasses is the most cost effective source of 6-Carbon sugar



 Recommended sugar level %

 Close up  5
 Early lactation          6
 Peak lactation  7
 Mid lactation  6
 Late lactation  5

Specialist Options

A number of extra nutrients can be incorporated into Molasses based liquid feeds to:

i)    Improve animal performance
ii)   Reduce the risk of metabolic problems
iii)  Improve ration quality

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