For bulk feeds, purpose-designed bulk tanks are available on special finance schemes (see below). These come in a variety of sizes from 12 tonne (2000 gallon) to 30 tonne (5000 gallon) capacity. These offer cost effective storage when compared to dry feed bins and provide a number of other benefits including:

  • Easy handling
  • Safe convenient storage
  • Easy and accurate to use
  • Cost advantages of ‘bulk buying’
  • Overcomes all ‘on farm’ storage concerns and frees up dry storage areas

On farm storage

Tank Finance Scheme

ED&F Man can supply a range of storage tanks between 12 tonnes to 30 tonnes as well as an attractive finance scheme.

For smaller quantities we can supply 1000 litre capacity cubi containers manufactured from durable plastic.












2 wheel / 35 litre feeder

Versatile feeder suitable for both cattle and sheep. Ideal for small numbers of stock or when the feeder needs moving frequently, has a 35 litre capacity.

5 wheel / 95 litre feeder

Designed to be fixed to the wall, has a 95 litre capacity, ideal for all livestock.

2 wheel / 250 litre feeder

Built in lifting hook for easy transportation.

Lickfeeder Costs